Change the way you work with The Daily Action List, a productivity system that combines the Ivy Lee to-do list method and Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule. This book will allow you to make a personalised action plan to help you achieve your goals and responsibilities. The introductory chapters providing the groundwork for a remarkable journey of self-discovery and organisation.

As you fill out the remaining pages and commit yourself, you will understand the true value of this book.


Now available in a 6x9" Paperback, 6x9" hardcover 5x8" pocket book and ebook and audio editions



The Daily Action List: Take the 75 day challenge to turn things around!


Action List!

(inspired by the Ivy Lee system)


 Decide on six tasks and focus on the first one before moving on to the next. Any not done, carry over!


Daily planner

(Inspired by Benjamin Franklin)


Plan and block out the time to work and really focus on your priorities and while creating space for rest and recovery.



Schedule your day!

(Use both systems together)


Use your action list as your compass and daily planner to plan out your daily schedule.